European Union Reveals Plans to Increase Share of Renewables in Energy Mix to 40% by 2030


According to the proposals published by the European Union on 14th July 2021, the European Union will have to increase the amount of the renewable energy used by the European Union along with reducing the consumption of the energy by 2030 for the purpose of meeting the goals of the bloc for decreasing the emissions of greenhouse gases.

As a part of the package of the climate politics, the European Commission have proposed an overhaul of the renewable energy rules of the European Union, that is going to decide how fast the European Bloc should increase the use of the renewable sources like the solar energy, wind energy and biomass energy, that has been produced from burning the chips or the wood pellets.

The aim of the European Union behind the plan is implement the legally-binding targets for the purpose of decreasing the net European Union emissions by 55 percent by 2030 and eliminating them by 2050. For providing help in meeting the 2050, the European Commission has to set more ambitious target for the European Union to raise the share of the renewable energy by 40 percent of the total consumption by 2030, which is more than 20 percent in 2019.

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Ignacio Galan, chairman and CEO of Iberdrola, a renewable energy producer said, increasing the target of renewable energy to 40 percent by 2030 is actually ambitious but achievable, and the decrease in the costs and advancement in the technology in the wind energy, solar energy and storage means that, the renewable energy is currently the most competitive form of the production of electricity.