European Union Prepare New Package of Sanctions Against Russia


Russia has also launched a fresh assault on the critical port of Odessa of Ukraine as the United States had warned that, Moscow had been preparing formally for annexing the embattled regions in the east. This new and heavy fighting has come as the European Union said, it had been bracing for a complete end to the gas supplies of Russia along with the bloc preparing another package of the sanctions sure for angering Vladimir Putin, president of Russia.

After failing for taking the capital Kyiv, the country of Russia has now shifted the invasion of Russia in Ukraine for the areas largely speaking Russian and has also stepped up the pressure on Odessa, which has been a celebrated cultural hub that has been a crucial port on the Black Sea.

Among most of the battered cities has been the city of Mariupol, where an not known number have died and the survivors are having a little access to the food, medicine and water, and Ukraine also said that, more than 100 common people had been evacuated over the weekend from the Azovstal steel plant, which has been the last holdout of the forces of Ukraine in Mariupol, where the soldiers and the common people have been sheltering in a maze of the underground tunnels.

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The European Commission is also going to be proposing a new package of sanctions on Russia that is going to be putting Russia into more and the sanctions are also including a ban on the oil of Russia.