European Union Launches Climate Plan for Decreasing Emissions


The European Union has launched the new legislation for providing help in meeting the pledge of decreasing the emissions of the greenhouse gases, which are responsible for causing the global warming by 55 percent in this decade, that also includes a controversial plan for taxing the foreign companies for the pollution caused by them.

The legislation, presented by the European Commission, consists of around a dozen of major proposals, which are ranging from the reduction of the diesel and gasoline cars by 2035 to some of the new levies on the gases from the heating of the buildings.

The proposal in the legislation is also involving a revamp of the greenhouse gases emissions trading program of the European Union, under which, the companies are now paying for the carbon dioxide gases, which they are emitting, along with the introduction of the taxes on the aviation and shipping fuels for the first time in the history.

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Most of the proposals in the legislation are developed on the already existing laws, that had been designed for the purpose of meeting the old goal of the European Union of decreasing 40 percent greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 as compared to the levels of 1990 and these proposals should be endorsed by the all the 27 member nations and the lawmakers of the European Union.

Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission said, the principle has been simple that, the emission of carbon dioxide should have a price, and putting a price on the carbon dioxide, which is responsible in incentivizing the innovators, producers and consumers for choosing the clean energy technologies for the purpose of going towards the sustainable and clean products.