European Union Focusing on Data and Technology for Decreasing Transport Emission


The policymarkers of the European Union has proposed a new legislation that has been looking to harness the power of the technology and data for the purpose of stopping the transport emissions, along with making the journeys more safe and making the travel planning more efficient.

The proposals from the European Commission, has been seeking to strengthen the existing rules on the ITS (intelligent transport systems) by mandating and encouraging the development of the services through which the data, which has been relevant to travel can possibly be received.

The ecosystem is going to be based on a series of the standards and it is also seeking to enable the data exchange and connectivity between the infrastructure operators, transport providers and vehicles, and at the centre of the plans, there have been measures that are designed for ensuring the services of ITS that are interoperable and the data can also be easily processed by the digital systems.

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Wouter Seinen, data and technology law expert of Pinsent Masons based in Amsterdam said, the speed of the adoption of the technical specifications and the standards had been identified as one of the main areas for the purpose of improvement in the evaluation of the already existing legal framework that had been put in the place in the year 2010.

The European Commission has now been pushing the companies more hard for using the standards and there is going to be some tools for the purpose of enforcing the interoperability.