European Union: Airplane Mode will not be Mandatory from June 2023


In the coming months, it will no longer be necessary to activate airplane mode on smartphones and other electronic devices when traveling within the European Union. Another mandate by the European Commission expresses that aircrafts can offer 5G portable network on flights, and travelers won’t be expected to turn on standalone mode while loading onto the flight. In order to implement the new directive and make 5G bands available for airplanes, EU member states have until June 30, 2023.

According to the report, the European Union is paving the way for mobile connectivity on European flights, and passengers probably won’t be asked to turn airplane mode on when they board the plane.

On flights, 5G connectivity could be offered by airlines, allowing passengers to normally use their smartphones and mobile phones to make and receive calls and use data services for things like video streaming, web browsing, and text messaging. Currently, the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on mobile phones is permitted on certain international flights.

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Smartphones attempting to connect to mobile networks via 5G connectivity have frequently been observed to obstruct aircraft instruments and readings, prompting passengers to activate airplane mode when boarding the aircraft.

Because the specific bands used in the European Union are said to be less likely to cause this interference, and the directive in this case is designed to prioritize passenger convenience. Since connecting to a mobile network requires a lot of battery power and will quickly drain your phone’s battery, using airplane mode may still be recommended in most cases.