EU Member Nations Approve New Climate Laws


The member nations in European Union have reached a deal backing the new and strict climate rules that will eliminate carbon emissions caused from new cars by 2035 and introduced multibillion-euro fund for shielding poor citizens from carbon-dioxide costs.

The 27 member nations of the European Union found a common agreement aimed at decreasing greenhouse gases in European Union by around 55 percent in 2030 compared with 1990.

Frans Timmermans, vice president in charge of the Green Deal at European Commission, said a long but good day for climate action, and the decisions of European Council on Fitfor55 have been a big step towards delivering the European Union Green Deal.

The agreement on the five laws proposed by the executive arm of the European Union in 2021 paves the way for the last and final negotiations with the European Parliament. The lawmakers of European Union are backing ambitious climate targets and final approval of the legislative package is now going to require the European Parliament to resolve differences with the national governments of the European bloc over different details.

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Agnes Pannier-Runacher, minister of France for energy transition said, the council is now ready to negotiate with the European Parliament on concluding the climate package, thereby placing the European Union over everyone in the fight against climate change.

The decision to launch a 100 percent carbon dioxide reduction target by 2035 for new cars and vans will effectively restrict the sale of new cars that are power by diesel or petrol in the European Union member nations.