Ericsson Launched Time-Critical Communication 5G Solution for Real-Time Experience


Ericsson has been enhancing the 5G capabilities of the company along with the launch of an end-to-end solution that is going to guarantee the consistent high reliability and low latency, which has been demanded by the time-critical services and applications for the enterprises, public sector and the consumers.

The company is also going to be enabling the Time-Critical Communication solution through Ericsson’s Critical IoT product, which can be easily deployed as a software upgrade on the private and public 5G networks across the wide and local areas on any of the 5G frequency band.

Per Narvinger, head of the product area networks at Ericsson said, the company is continuing to introduce the innovative 5G solutions, which is responsible for fuelling the growth of the 5G network across the globe and now they are taking the 5G to the next level with the new Time-Critical Communication, which is a solution that is going to give their customers, the tool for expanding their offerings for monetizing 5G effectively.

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The company has deployed 5G networks across the globe along with the successful launches of the Fixed Wireless Access Services and enhanced mobile broadband, this solution is going to be allowing the communications service providers for the purpose of further enhancing the experiences in the real-time media use cases such as augmented reality/virtual reality and cloud gaming, along with unlocking the possibilities in the mobility automation, remote control, and also the industrial control.

This new communication solution of Ericsson is going to be thrilling all the users of 5G network that are looking for the immersive XR experiences, and this company is also going to be benefiting the enterprises, public agencies and industries, where the processes of production have been depending heavily on the reliable connectivity of high performance.