Ericsson and Verizon Signs $8.5 Billion Deal to Provide 5G Solutions in US


The company ‘Ericsson’ has signed a deal of 8.5 billion dollars for the purpose of supplying the radio access network (RAN) equipment to the company ‘Verizon’ across the United States of America.

Borje Ekholm, chief executive of Ericsson has been successful in claiming the five-year deal, that has been the biggest deal in the history of the equipment vendor of Sweden. With the help of the equipment of Ericsson, the company ‘Verizon’ has also been planning to accelerate the deployment of the company’s 5G network throughout the United States of America, which have been the first deployed 5G network in 2019.

This deal is also going to see the company ‘Ericsson’ to supply its latest 5G RAN Technology for the C-band, along with the mmWave spectrum and low-band to Verizon, for the purpose of boosting the company’s 5G Ultrawide band coverage, user experience and network performance.

Niklas Heuveldop, head of Ericsson North America said, this deal is going to be a significant strategic partnership for both the companies and what they are going to be most excited about bringing the benefits of the 5G network to the consumers, public sector and consumers of the United States.

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Niklas Heuveldop also said, they are also going to look forward for working with the company ‘Verizon’ for the purpose of leveraging the solutions like the Street Macro and Cloud RAN, and also adding the versatility and depth to the 5G network rollouts across the United States of America.