Endexx Corporation To Launch Men’s Skincare Products In Amazon Store


Endexx Corporation has received clearance for the company’s plant-based and hemp-derived skincare and grooming products in the store of Amazon. The products of the company have been rich in plant that are derived the nutrients proven for supporting the healthy skin.

The product line of the company has no Cannabidiol in the formulation along with providing a clear pathway to the successful e-commerce in the central platform of Amazon seller. The line has also been cleared for selling in the United States, Canada and Mexico along with the pending approval in the countries including UK, Japan and Australia.

Primarily, the launch with around six SKUs that are available to the consumers. The store is being professionally built for both optimizing the main search word success and for the purpose of maximizing the leadership footprint of the Skincare Brand.

Todd Davis, chief executive officer of Endexx said, through the research and feedback of the customer, their consumers are now wanting to purchase the products of Endexx in the store of Amazon and is already searching for the product on the site.  

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He also said that, around fifty percent of all the product searches has started on Amazon and they are wanting to harness the power and also offer a successful experience to their customers.

He also added that, this has been a natural channel extension for the company to continue growing the skin care business and also meeting the customer where they are with the products of the company.