Electrify America to Double Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in US


Electrify America, an electric vehicle charging network company that is funded with the money paid by the automobile giant ‘Volkswagen’ as the punishment for its emissions cheating scandal, said, it is planning to more than double the company’s electric vehicle charging stations throughout the regions of Canada and United States.

This expansion is going to include around 1,800 fast-charging stations and around 10,000 individual chargers for being installed by 2025 in the United States, and this initiative is also a part of the previously made commitment of Electrify America for investing 2 billion dollars for more than years on the electric vehicle infrastructure, along with the access and education in the United States.

The automobile companies have been ramping up the production of the electric vehicles, which can possibly go very far and can also charge the vehicle faster, but the company is also concerned that, the consumers, who are interested in the electric vehicles might wait for buying until there will be a faster and better charging infrastructure.

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According to the US Department of Energy, there are around 42,000 public charging stations in the United States, but only around 5,000 charging stations in the country are considered as the direct-current fast chargers, and the remaining charging stations are requiring around 8 hours for completely charging the batteries of long-range EVs.

The expansion plan of Electrify America is responsible for increasing the presence of the company in the established region of United States and also adding the new states like North Dakota, South Dakota, Hawaii, Wyoming, Vermont and West Virginia.