EE Upgrades 5G Network Across 14 Locations in UK


EE, a network operator in the UK, has announced the next phase of its 5G roll-out that brings the enhanced speeds of the technology to 14 more towns and cities across the United Kingdom.

EE, has turned on its 5G mobile network, which is the first consumer facing 5G service in the United Kingdom in regions including Cardiff, London, Manchester, and Belfast in May 2022. The rollout was also ramped up in April 2021, following the assignment stage of the 5G spectrum auction for the 5G network.

EE has more than doubled its 5G frequency holdings in the United Kingdom, a move the company said sets it up to be able to provide its customers with the most extensive and best 5G network in the United Kingdom.

The company is looking to cash in on the mobile consumers of the United Kingdom to reap the benefit of the rush of mobile operators in the UK to invest in 5G infrastructure. According to a review, the UK network providers are delivering outstanding 5G reliability with a low enough latency for smooth gaming and streaming. The report showed that EE is still leading in the United Kingdom.

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