Dozee and British International Investment to Transform India’s Public Healthcare


Dozee, a startup based in Bengaluru that is developing MillionICU, which is India’s first AI-based contactless Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) & Early Warning System (EWS), has teamed up with British International Investment (BII), an impact investor and development finance institution (DFI) in the United Kingdom, to upgrade 6000 hospital beds in 140 public hospitals in India and other parts of the country in order to change the public healthcare landscape.

The partnership between Dozee and BII aims to reduce nurse burnout and fatigue in hospital wards, improve access to healthcare across India, and reduce healthcare workers’ workload. In India, Dozee’s groundbreaking contactless remote patient monitoring and Early Warning System (EWS) saves approximately 2.5 hours per patient per day.

Through the MillionICU Initiative, which Dozee established in 2021 to install one million step-down ICU beds across India, and with support from BII, Dozee will transform India’s public healthcare infrastructure quickly and over the long term. The MillionICU initiative has already benefited 46 of these hospitals in more than 15 districts, resulting in the monitoring of more than 10,000 patients and the savings of more than 25,000 nursing hours.

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According to Manav Bansal, Managing Director and Head of BII India, improved access to affordable healthcare significantly improves development outcomes and productivity. Their partnership with Dozee will assist in scaling tech-enabled healthcare solutions, which will reduce the workload of healthcare workers, broaden patient access to affordable, high-quality healthcare in India over the long term, and enhance clinical outcomes for patients in India’s public hospitals.