Domino’s Pizza Set for Large Expansion in India


According to senior company executives of Domino’s Pizza Inc., the company will significantly expand its retail store network across India as Domino’s focuses on increasing demand for its products in the company’s largest market by store count outside of the United States.

Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd., the Domino’s franchise in India, will also expand its national store count to 3,000 by adding 1,300 new locations as part of the plan. There are currently 1,701 Domino’s locations in 371 cities in India owned by the company.

Domino’s made the official announcement of its 20-minute pizza delivery service, which made India the first market to have such service across the globe. According to Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd., Domino’s is working to perfect its quick delivery promise, which has been implemented in 20 zones across 14 cities of the country at this time.

As a result, the business will now need to expand its store network and ensure that customers receive their hot pizzas on time. According to Jubilant, the move is being driven by enhancement and optimization of the in-store process, including improvements, upgradation in thetechnology, interventions for increased operational efficiencies, and expanding nearby stores.

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According to Domino’s executives, faster pizza delivery will significantly increase sales volumes, increase customer retention and order frequency, with decreasing labor costs. There are 95 markets where Domino’s Pizza is sold. India is the largest market for Domino’s outside of the United States, with 19,000 to 20,000 active stores, and the growth rate is tremendous. The executives believe that 250 new stores will be opened this year.

Russell Weiner, Domino’s chief executive, said that Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd., also has a medium-term goal of getting to its target of 3,000 stores, which is incredible for the company. The move is made in the midst of increasing competition in the fast food market in India.

Domino’s, which first entered the market in the latter part of the 1990s, has the largest fast-food chain’s retail network. According to a Technopak study, the market for quick service restaurants in India is expected to grow from 145 billion rupees in FY21 to 534 billion rupees in FY25.

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In the meantime, Jubilant’s CEO and managing director, Sameer Khetarpal, stated that the move to deliver pizzas within 20 minutes will ensure that the company’s existing stores expand at a faster rate, increase customer retention rates, and assist in the acquisition of new customers.