Dixon Technologies and Orbic Partners to Produce 5G Smartphone for US Market


Padget, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dixon Electronics, a domestic electronics manufacturing company and Orbic, a smartphone producer based in the United States have entered into an agreement for the purpose of manufacturing the smartphones at the manufacturing facility of Padget.

The new Orbic Myra 5G UW, which has been powered by snapdragon 750G 5G mobile platform, is going to be the first product of the 5G millimetre wave to be produced in the country of India for the purpose of exporting it to the market of the United States.

Sunil Vachani, executive chairman of Dixon Technologies said, the Orbic Mytra 5G UW smartphone, which can also operate in the bands of high frequency, has also been the first smartphone, which has been partially designed in the country of India.

Sunil Vachani said, they have been extremely excited for partnering with the company ‘Orbic’ for the purpose of manufacturing of the new smartphones, and this has also been a golden phase for the manufacturing industry of India. He also said, the 5G millimetre phone can also theoretically provide the speed of around 5 gigabit per segment (gbps) on a smartphone, which has been more than 250 times faster as compared to the top speed of the 4G mobile connection.

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The Dixon Technologies Limited has been the biggest design-focused, home grown and solutions company that has been engaged in the manufacturing of the products in the consumer durables, along with mobile phones and lighting market in India.