Dish Launched 5G Service In 120 Cities Across US


The company ‘Dish’ has finally launched the company’s 5G cellular network in the United States and the wireless service has now been available in more than 120 cities across the country and is also offering the fast download and the upload speeds. The launch had been a bit of a surprise even though, as the company had been reportedly behind the launch of the schedule.

The hardware of the 5G network of Dish Wireless is going to be powered by Samsung Network and the company ‘Samsung’ has now made the announcement in May 2022 and according to the deal between the two companies, Dish Wireless is going to be using the 5G O-RAN-complaint virtualized RAN solutions and the radio units from the Samsung Networks.

The company is also offering its service that is starting at 20 dollars per month, which is also including the unlimited voice calls, along with text and 5G data. Although, the users can only purchase one phone on the network right now. On the bright side and the phone is now being offered for 50 percent off which has been translating to just 400 dollars.

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This new 5G network has also been available in the regions including Boise, Albuquerque, Charlotte, Cleveland, Dallas, Fort Worth, Hartford, Kansas City, Houston, El Paso, Las Vegas, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Norfolk, Orlando, Raleigh, Pueblo, Rochester, Spokane, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, and Stockton.