Dell Technologies Targets 5G Networks Market Build on Open-Source Hardware


On Wednesday, 13th October 2021, Michael Dell, head of Dell Technologies said, he has been seeing an opportunity for playing an important role in the global launching of the 5G networks along with the new technology that has been making it a specialized equipment unnecessary. This shift towards the Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN), that has been responsible for letting the telecommunications carriers that has been using the software for the purpose of running the network functions on the standardized hardware for computing.

This technology has also been drawing the interest from the government of the United States because it is going to be allowing the networks for being made with the offerings from the US-based companies such as Microsoft, Dell, and several others other than the sole provider specified in the industry like Huawei Technologies and Nokia.

The company ‘Dell’ said, the interest from the administration of the Donald Trump in the positioning of the technology as a counterweight to the Huawei Technologies has been completely carried over to the administration of Joe Biden, president of the United States.

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The company ‘Dell’ has also been making the computing hardware that is going into the new style of the networks, and it has also secured the deals for the purpose of helping the DISH Network Corp. in the United States and Orange and Vodafone across Europe for building the 5G networks along with the technology, and Dell has also announced a software for helping the carriers in managing the computers that has been used in the new networks.