DCC Technology to Create New Business Unit in North America


DCC Technology parent company of Exertis North America has announced, it is going to be creating a new business unit in the region of North America for the purpose of managing the operations of the company’s recent acquisitions of the companies including Stampede and Jam Industries.

Marty Szpiro, president and CEO of Jam Industries is going to heading the Exertis north America, and the company Stampede, that has been rebranded to Exertis in 2020, is going to be operating under the banner known as Exertis Pro AV, that has been led by John Dunne, who is the managing director and president of Stampede.

Tim Griffin, managing director of DCC Technology said, the company ‘DCC Technology’ has been successful in establishing the leadership positions in the selected and value-added distribution specializations in the region of North America, and he also said that, the rebranding of the Jam Industries to the Exertis has been a natural future step as they are continuing their focus on their people, along with their customers and their vendors, and they also have a great team of professionals in the place.

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The distributor from Ireland has entered the market of North America in the year 2018 along with the company’s purchase of the company Stampede based in New York, US, and Exertis added that, both the business have grown organically and the acquisition also includes the purchase of San Francisco-based JB&A along with The Music People of Hartford, CT within 2020.