Databricks Launched New Innovations For Its Data Lakehouse Platform


Databricks, a data and artificial intelligence (AI) company and a pioneer of the data lakehouse paradigm has launched the evolution of the Databrick Lackehouse Platform at the annual Data + AI Summit held in San Francisco.

The new capabilities that are revealed include the best-in-class data warehousing functionality and performance, along with the expanded data governance and new data sharing innovations, including an analytics marketplace and data clean rooms for the secured collection of data, and automatic cost optimization for the ETL operations and ML (machine learning) lifecycle improvements.

As Ali Ghodsi, CEO and co-founder of Databricks said, their customers want to be able to do business intelligence, artificial intelligence and machine learning on one platform, where the data of the customers already resides, and this requires the best-in-class data warehousing capabilities that could run directly on the data lake of the company.

He also said, benchmarking themselves against the highest standards, they have proven time and again that, the Lakehouse Platform of the company will be giving the data teams the best of both worlds on an open, Simple, and multi-cloud platform.

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Ali Ghodsi added that, all these announcements are a significant step forward made by the company for the purpose of advancing the company’s Lakehouse vision as they are making it faster and much easier than it was ever before to maximise the value of the data both inside and across the companies.