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The first quantum computer of IBM is going to be established outside of the United States and the facility is located at the Fraunhifer-Gesellchaft research institute based in Germany, and the ‘Quantum System One Computer’ is representing a massive leap for the continent of Europe in the rapidly developing field.

The revelation of the IBM’s supercomputer took place on 15th June 2021 in the region of Ehningen on 15th June along with a hybrid event of some real attendees and some virtual guests, and the Arvind Krishna, chairman and CEO of IBM and Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany were attending the event online.

Machines, which are designed by the company IBM, have been using the quantum theory, which is helpful to allow the uncertainty in the models of IBM, and by allowing the components to occupy both the on and off scenarios at the same time, various types of the computation technologies have been made possible, and this ability for dealing with the difficult scenarios, is responsible for making the quantum computers, that are particularly best suited to predict and simulate the outcomes.

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During the event, Angela Merkel said, the quantum computers have the ability, that can possibly bring boost in the performance in several domains, and hence it creates more value, particularly in the combination with the Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The company IBM has also planned the further expansion of the company’s quantum computing with a computer, that is scheduled to be launched in July 2021 in Japan, and the other quantum computer is also going to be installed at the Cleveland Clinic located in Ohio, US.