Covid-19 Vaccine to be Mandatory for Care Home Staff in UK


Matt Hancock, health secretary of United Kingdom said, the novel corona virus vaccinations are going to be mandatory for the staff of the care homes in United Kingdom, and Matt Hancock also said that, it had been a sensible and reasonable step and he is also going to consult on the extension of it to the NHS UK.

Matt Hancock said, currently there are no plans for the extension of the mandatory corona virus vaccinations beyond the health and care workers, and when the rules get the approval by the parliament of the country, and the staff of the care homes will have 4 months for taking both the doses of the novel corona virus vaccine and if the care staff do not get the covid-19 vaccine, they will be facing problem like losing their jobs.

Matt Hancock to the House of Commons of UK that, the vast majority of the care home staff had been vaccinated, but sill many are left, and they know that, the novel corona virus vaccine not only protects the people, but it has also been protecting those, who are living around you, and he also added that, making the covid-19 vaccinations compulsory in the care homes and hospitals will be saving many lives

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The care organizations of United Kingdom have warned that, mandatory covid-19 vaccinations can possibly cause many difficulties in a sector, which is already struggling to recruit enough number of people, and although, the government of United Kingdom is believed for having some considerable concerns about the lower number of people taking the vaccine in some areas of the country.