Covid-19 Vaccine of AstraZeneca Shows 74% Efficacy in US Trials


On Wednesday, 30th September 2021, according to the US clinical trial, the novel corona virus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca has shown 74 percent efficacy at the prevention of the symptomatic disease, which has been a figure that has been increased to 83.5 percent in the people, who are above the age of 65 years.

The overall efficacy of 74 percent had been lower than the interim figure of 79 percent, that has been reported by the vaccine maker of the United Kingdom in the month of March 2021, that has been a result of the revised days of the company later to 76 percent and the figure had been based on the outdated information.

The data has examined over 26,000 volunteers in the United States of America, Peru and Chile, who had received tow doses of the novel corona virus vaccine, that has been spaced around a month apart, and the results had also been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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Dr. Anna Durbin, a vaccine researcher at the Johns Hopkins University and she is also one of the investigators of the study said, she had been pleasantly surprised, and it had also been highly protective against the hospitalization and the severe corona virus disease.

The result also showcased that, there had been no cases of the rare but serious side effects of blood clotting called as thrombosis along with thrombocytopenia, which has been linked to the novel corona virus vaccine of AstraZeneca developed with the researchers of the Oxford University.