Covid-19 Pandemic Drives Fall in the Life Expectancy of United States


The rate of the life expectancy in the United States of America have been decreased in 2020, which has been the largest one-year fall since World War II, and on Wednesday, 21st July 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of United States said that, which has been further widening the gap between the other countries and the United States.

The deaths caused from the novel corona virus and because of the overdose of the drugs have been fuelling the decrease in the life expectancy along with wiping out any of the improvements, which the country has made in the decreasing death rates from the chronic respiratory diseases and from cancer, which has been leading to a drop of 1.5 years, which has brought the life expectancy in US at birth down to 77.3 years.

Steven Woolf, director of the Center on Society and Health at the Virginia Commonwealth University said, what has happened in the United States does not occur in the other countries in spite of the corona virus being a global pandemic. The deaths from the novel corona virus have been responsible in causing around 75 percent of the decrease in the life expectancy on an average of the United States.

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The novel corona virus disease has been responsible for the 90 percent drop in the life expectancy of the Hispanic people of the United States, as compared to 68 percent in the while people of the United States and around 60 percent drop in the black people of the United States.