Covid-19 Cases Increase in More Than 40 US States


According to the reports, the novel corona virus cases in more than 40 states of the United States have been increased in the previous week as the rate of novel corona virus vaccination in the country is slowed down and also because of the highly transmissible Delta Variant of corona virus is continuing to spread.

According to the data collected from Johns Hopkins University, the United States of America have now been averaging around 19,455 new corona virus cases over the previous week, which has been an increase of 47 percent from the week prior, and it has also been marked as the largest increase in the covid-19 cases since April 2020.

According to Rochelle Walensky, director of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 99 percent of the deaths related to novel corona virus in the United States had been among the people, who were unvaccinated. Additionally, the preliminary data has now been indicating that, for the previous six months, around all of the novel corona virus deaths in the different states have been occurring in the unvaccinated people of the country.

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The speed of the novel corona virus vaccination programs in the United States has also been dropped rapidly in the previous few months, and around 246,000 people have been initiated with the vaccination every day for the past week, which is a decrease of around 88 percent from April 2021.

Around 278,000 people of US have become fully vaccinated each day in the previous week, which is a decrease of around 84 percent from April 2021.