Covid-19 Cases in US Hits Highest Level Since February 2021


The average of the daily novel corona virus cases has now hit the highest level since the month of February 2021, that has been fuelled by the Delta novel corona virus variant, and the hospitals in the southern region of the country are now running out of the staff or space as all the beds in the hospitals have now been taken up by the different corona virus victims.

According to the reports, some of the corona virus patients are now unable for getting the care they will normally receive, and the infected people, which are needing immediate treatment of the Extracorpeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), that has not been available at the hospital.

An ECMO treatment mainly using the external machinery, which can possibly function as the heart and the lungs, and it has now also been used in some of the severely ill novel corona virus patients, that has also been including the young people of the country, and across the country, the states of the country are now struggling to fight with the Delta variant of the novel corona virus, which has been the most dangerous strain of the virus.

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According to the data, the United States of America has now been averaging over 100,000 new novel corona virus cases on daily basis, which has been the highest tally in around six months because it can possibly take a very long time for some of the novel corona virus cases that are responsible to lead to the hospitalizations in the country.