Covid-19 Cases in the United States back to Pre-Vaccination Levels


For the first time since the month of February 2021, the US has recorded over 900,000 novel corona virus cases in the past week with this, the country is now representing 20 percent the covid-19 cases across the globe, and this has been a sign that this increases is caused by the Delta variant of the covid-19 virus, and it has also slowed down the progress made by the covid-19 vaccine rollout that was responsible in dampening the covid-91 cases.

According to the reports, the novel corona virus cases has been increasing in all of the 46 states of the country, and the covid-19 hot spots are still continuing in the states including Louisiana, Oregon, Texas, Mississippi, Florida and Hawaii, and the state of Oregon has also reported around 11,564 novel corona virus cases in the week.

The reports are also showing that, the country has recorded 38,482 new novel corona virus cases along with 382 covid-19 deaths, and the seven-day average of the new daily novel corona virus cases has been 130,218, and the fresh corona virus cases have also been increased to 16.8 percent in last week and the deaths have also been increased by 23.6 percent and the covid-19 hospitalizations has also been increased by 14.9 percent.

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According to the data from the US Department of Health and Human Services, the number of children hospitalized after getting infected by the novel corona virus in the United States has also reached a new record-high with the confirmed admissions in the hospitals standing at 1,902 on 14th August 2021.