Concerns Grow as Ukraine Soldiers Surrender to Russia in Mariupol


On Wednesday, 17th May 2022, the concerns have been increased for the welfare of more than 250 soldiers of Ukraine, who has now surrendered to the Russian forces at the Azovstal steelwork in the region of Mariupol weeks after the resistance.

The surrender of the Ukrainian soldiers has brought an end to the most devastating siege of the war of Russia in Ukraine and has also allowed Vladimir Putin, president of Russia for claiming a rare victory in the faltering campaign, which most of the military analysts say has now stalled.

Russia said, at least 256 soldiers of Ukraine has laid down their arms or weapons and has surrendered, which is also including 51 of the seriously wounded and Ukraine said that, 264 soldiers including 53 wounded soldiers had left Mariuopol. The government of Russia said, Vladimir Putin had personally guaranteed the prisoners is going to be treated and the officials of Ukraine said that, they can possibly be exchanged for the captives of Russia.

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Iryna Vereshchuk, deputy prime minister of Ukraine said that, Ukraine has been aiming to arrange a prisoner swap for the wounded soldiers once their condition has been stabilised and according to a report, the committee of Russia has planned to question the soldiers and many of them are members of the Azov Battalion.