Commercialization of Biosimilars to Benefit Healthcare Supply Chain of US


The profit and revenue opportunities from the commercialization of the biosimilars can possibly be responsible in enhancing the credit profiles of the companies throughout the healthcare supply chain of the United States, but there are certain obstacles to the launch of the product after getting the approval from the US FDA.

The legislation introduced for the purpose of decreasing the prices of the prescription drugs have now taken the backseat for stopping the spread of the novel corona virus pandemic in 2020, but the steps of the legislative and regulatory bodies are now underway for the purpose of increasing the uptake of the biosimilar commercialization, as the biosimilars have now been less expensive and are also highly similar alternative for the high price biologics.

The pharmaceutical companies in the United States, which are responsible for capturing a large majority of the market share from the original biologic producers are going to be the obvious beneficiaries from the growth in the market of biosimilar, but the pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) and the distributors are also going to be benefited.

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The distributers are responsible for helping the companies to identify the correct end user, along with providing assistant in the distribution of the products and also providing the continual education, while the pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) are going to determine that, what type of the drugs are going to be included and in what position the drugs are going to be kept in the formularies of the payers.