Coinpass Cryptocurrency Exchange Gets Approval from UK Regulatory


Coinpass, cryptocurrency exchange company based in United Kingdom has now confirmed that, it has now received the approval for the purpose of operating a registered by the cryptoassets company with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of United Kingdom.

This move is going to be making Coinpass among the very few companies of crypto asset that have been able to manage to receive such type of approval from the UK watchdog, and this approval from the financial regulator of United Kingdom had been an major obstacle for the company to overcome.

Jeff Hancock, CEO of Coinpass, who was responsible for backing the push for the approval from the regulatory, and he said that, they are now exceptionally pleased and happy for being among one of the United Kingdom’s first Cryptocurrency Trading Exchanges for the retail investors and businesses for being fully registered with the FCA of United Kingdom as a cryptoasset company.

Jeff Hancock also said, they clearly understand and sully support that, they have to evolve the market of cryptocurrency for being more inclusive and attractive to the bigger number of the users and they are also going to require some regulatory guidelines for the gateways and exchanges.

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From many years, the United Kingdom has been a financial hub for the fintech and investment and under the guidance of FCA, the company has the potential for becoming a world leader in the regulation of cryptocurrency, and with the help of this registration, he has been exceptionally bullish on the future of the company for the cryptocurrency in UK.