Coca Cola Reveals New Bottles With Attached Caps In UK


The new bottles of Coke have started appearing in the United Kingdom as the popular soda brand continues the path towards more sustainable packaging. A representative for the brand said, as a part of the journey of Coca Cola towards a World Would Waste, they are now transitioning to a new packaging system in Great Britain and several other European markets.

The representative also said, this new packaging is ensuring that, the cap remains attached to the bottle, which is making it is easier than ever for the consumers for recycling the whole package making sure that, no cap should get left behind. The attached caps has debuted on selecting the bottles of 1.5 litres in the United Kingdom along with more pack sizes for being introduced throughout the year.

The fresh design has come on the heels of a new regulation from the European Union that is intended for decreasing the waste and pollution, and the regulation, which is going into effect in July 2024, the states that caps on some of the non-refundable bottles have been holding up to three litres must have a cap that has been firmly attached to the container.

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According to the company, this new design has been the result of the extensive research with their suppliers and consumer testing and all of the new caps still remain 100 percent recyclable along with the bottles that have been 100 percent recyclable for several years.