Cipla’s New Device ‘Cippoint’ can Diagnose Multiple Diseases in 15 Minutes


A product touted as being able to diagnose diabetes, infectious disease, and thyroid function has been introduced by drug giant Cipla.

The product is a point-of-care testing device called Cippoint that provides a wide range of testing parameters, such as cardiac markers, diabetes markers, infectious disease markers, fertility markers, thyroid function markers, inflammation markers, metabolic markers, and coagulation markers.

According to Cipla, the European In-Vitro Diagnostic Device Directive has granted approval to the device. With Cippoint, healthcare professionals will be able to get test results in three to fifteen minutes, allowing for faster clinical decision-making.

According to Cipla, Cippoint’s automated system and user-friendly interface make it possible to use it even in remote areas with limited infrastructure, mobile vans, and rural areas.

Achin Gupta, CEO of Cipla One India Business said that, they are actively working toward the delivery of novel solutions that make it possible for prompt and efficient diagnosis, thereby filling in holes in the diagnostics ecosystem. Achin Gupta added that this development further strengthens their vision of supporting patients across the healthcare continuum.

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According to Cipla, with the device, the company has expanded its product offerings for diagnostic laboratories and aims to fill a void in India’s diagnostic ecosystem by offering affordable, accurate, and reliable tests.

Apple Health and Google Fit are two examples of tech giants entering the fitness market, but there is still not much in the way of actual medicine. The fitness watches can track a person’s steps, heart rate, and sleep cycle, but they do not go into great detail about diagnosing internal indicators that can indicate a serious illness early on.