CHS USA Inc. Acquires SandBox Medical LLC


CHS USA Inc., a Canadian Hospitality Specialities Limited (CHS) company, has completed the acquired of SandBox Medica LLC. This acquisition will increase the presence of CHS in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and pediatric market, while providing innovative products for full-term newborns and premature babies.

Both CHS and SandBox Medical LLC are known in for their healthcare industry for reliable and high-quality products. Mike Canzoneri, CEO and President of CHS, said the acquisition of SandBox Medical will provide CHS an opportunity to offer customers a broad portfolio of innovative solutions in the pediatric areas and NICU, as well as expanded channels for distribution.

Mike Canzoneri said this acquisition also reinforces their commitment to expand their footprint in the very important United States market with products of SandBox, and several other neonatal products.

SandBox Medical LLC has always strived to be a company that is making a difference for caregivers and parents by provide best customer service, product that development, research, and products to impact the comfort of newborns.

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The CHS is a privately held medical device producer and specialty distributor. The customers serving are in the non-cute healthcare space and acute hospital markets in Canada and internationally.