CDC Says, Over 40% of Children Have Chronic Illness in US


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States has claimed that, over 40 percent children in the United States are having chronic illness and the children are also getting more sick.

As the states in the country are continuing to deliberate how the children can safely attend the school amid the ongoing novel corona virus pandemic, the novel corona virus has not been the only sickness on the minds of the people, and according to a report, the number of children in the United States affected with the corona virus has been increasing continuously.

Dr. Elisa Song, holistic paediatrician said that, more than one in two kids is having a chronic disease, and by the year 2025, the number is going to be 8 in 10, and the kids in the United States are now getting more sicker and it is not a normal thing.

According to the estimates for the proportion of the children of the United States suffering from the chronic disease have been varying but the best available evidence has been suggesting that it is not going to exceed by 50 percent and the data from the past has been showing that, the rates of the chronic diseases in the children has been slowly increasing.

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As the estimates are varying, there is going to be no evidence that, the majority of the children in the United States are having a chronic diseases. The US CDC has been defining the chronic illness as the conditions that from the past one year and these include the diseases like obesity, asthma and several other physical conditions.