CDC Says, Monkeypox Cases Doubles In The United States


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States said, the monkeypox cases in the United States have been more than doubled along with at least 45 confirmed cases across 15 states and District of Columbia.

Jennifer McQuiston, deputy director of the division of high-consequence pathogens and pathology of US CDC said, most of the cases that are reported recent international travel along with an infected person. Although, some patients said that, they does not know how they have been contracted by the disease.

She also said that, such cases on monkeypox have also been scattered around the United States and no state or the urban areas have been emerged yet as a hot spot and she also said that, the risk of the community transmission still remain low.

The officials of the US CDC has also urged the healthcare providers for keeping an eye out for the patients along with potential monkeypox symptoms and the officials also said, the people should also be aware of the symptoms and how the disease might spread.

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Rochelle Walensky, director of US CDC said, all the people of the United States should also get educated about the monkeypox disease. Monkeypox has been a viral disease related to the smallpox that is endemic to the parts of the central and western Africa. Although, over 1,000 cases have also been reported in some of 30 countries and territories in recent weeks across the world.