CDC Found Two Monkeypox Strains In The United States


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States said, the genetic analysis of the recent monekypox cases has been suggesting that, there are two distinct strains in the United States raising the possibility that, the monkeypox virus has been circulating is undetected for some time.

The federal health officials said, most of the monkeypox cases in the United States had been caused by the same strain as the recent cases in Europe, but a few sample had been showing a different strain. Each monkeypox strain had been seen in the United States cases in 2021.

Jennifer McQuiston of the US CDC, the analysis from most patients is going to be needed for determining how long, the monekypox has been circulating in the United States and everywhere else.

She also said, she think, it has certainly been possible that, there can possibly be monkeypox cases in the United States that has went under the radar in the past but not to any of great degree. She added that, there can also be a community level transmission that has been happening in the parts of the United States where the monkeypox virus has not been identified yet.

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The US CDC said, it is also trying to increase the work on finding the infections and it is likely that more monkeypox cases to be reported. The findings means that, the monkeypox outbreak is likely going to be difficult for containing and it is not clear how long the infections have been happening in the United States.