CDC: 87% US Public Should Consider to Wear Face Mask Indoors


According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of people in the United States who should be wearing a face mask indoor gatherings is increasing. According to COVID-19 community levels of US CDC, more than 60 percent people of the United States lives in counties where they should be wearing a mask indoors in the public spaces.

An additional 27 percent of the population lives in the areas where they should possibly consider face masks if they are at high risk for serious COVID-19. Just 13 percent of the population, a number that has been shrinking as COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations increase, and lives in an area they do not need to consider face masks while indoor gatherings.

The United States is averaging over 125,000 new COVID-19 cases every day, which has been certain to be an undercount as most of them rely on at-home tests that do not get reported to county health departments.

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The hospitalizations in the United States are also increasing, with over 6,100 people with COVID-19 admitted on an average number of, and that is nearly double the average cases from two months ago. The COVID-19 deaths have mainly remained stable over the previous three months at around 350 on average every day, even though exports said the number is very high.