Canada Introduced Covid-19 Vaccine Passports for Travel


Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada said, the country is going be launching a standardized novel corona virus vaccine passport for the purpose of making it easier for the citizens of the country to travel abroad, and this digital document, which has been revealed on Thursday, 21st October 2021, is going to have a QR code for the purpose of scanning at the airports, train stations and several other points of the entry in the country.

Justin Trudeau said, as the people of Canada are looking to start travelling again, and there is going to be a standardized proof of the corona virus vaccine certificate, which will be urging the people of Canada, who have not been vaccinated for getting vaccinated as soon as possible, and they can also end this devastating novel corona virus pandemic along with bringing the things back they love.

The novel corona virus certificate is going to have a identifying mark of Canada and it is also going to be meeting the standards of the international smart health card. According to the government officials, the certificate is also going to include the name, date of birth of the person along with the history of the novel corona virus vaccines, that also includes which doses the person has received and when the people had been vaccinated.

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According to the data, over 73 percent of the people in the Canada had been fully vaccinated against the novel corona virus, and the people of Canada are not going to be able to board a plane for the travel including both domestic and international without having a proof of the vaccination certificate starting from 30th November 2021.