BRP Launched New CSR Program and Strengthen Its CSR Commitment


BRP Inc. announced the company’s commitment for taking the corporate social responsibility (CSR) further with the launch of the company’s new CSR25 program. The new CSR25 programs has been including more ambitious environmental targets, along with some concrete decisions and initiatives and new has also set new goals for 2025 and in the future.

This new program is also reflecting the intention of the company for being the industry leader in the corporate citizenship. Jose Boisjoli, chief executive officer and president of BRP said, they are very proud of their CSR25 program, which has been stretching the boundaries of their commitment for the purpose of creating a stronger future for their employees, dealers and customers and also all of their stakeholders.

He said, this program not only align with their strategy and industry best practices but it is also setting high objectives that mainly reflects the increasing environmental and social concerns of their communities.

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He added that, they are also looking forward for the enthusiastic participation of all their employees across the world in making sure that, their efforts have been successful and the board of directors and executive management team of the company are completely dedicated to ensure they make some tangible progress and will also track the results on a regular basis. The CSR25 program of BRP has been fostering the creation of value around the three main areas including the environmental, social and governance.