British Fisherman Catches Monster-Size Gold Fish


While fishing in France, Andy Hackett, a 42-year old British Fisherman caught a monster-size carp or gold fish and he nicknamed the fish as the Carrot, which weighed around 70 pounds. The British fisherman has found the fish while fishing in Bluewater Lakes located in the region of Champagne, France.

The fish is a female carp and is 20-year old. The fish has been prized by anglers due to its coloration as most of the large-size carp are brownish or pale in colour.

Andy Hackett said that he knew it was a large fish when the fish took his bait and went off side-to-side and up and down with it, and then it came to the surface around 30040 yards out, and Andy saw that the fish was orange. Andy Hackett added that, it was an amazing feeling to catch a fish like that, but it was also sheer luck.

Andy has spent around 25 minutes reeling in the fish. He knew The Carrot fish was there in the lake but never thought he would catch it, said Andy Hackett.

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According to the report, Bluewater Lakes is a premier car fishery in France, and the lake is so popular that the guests have to book in advance for fishing. The fish ‘The Carrot’ was then released back into the lake, and a video was also posted by the fishery shows Andy Hackett holding the fish before releasing it back in the water.

Jason Cowler, a spokesman for Bluewater Lakes said that the fish was released in the lake 15 years ago as something different for the fishermen to try to catch. Jason Cowler added that, it is not the biggest fish in the lake, but it is by far the most outstanding one, and the fish was caught around 9 times in last fishing season.