Brasseler USA Launched Triton All-in-One Irrigation Solution


In spite of the launch of several new and unique devices for the purpose of aiding in the endodontic irrigation, the fact now remains that, NaOCl has been buffered when it comes into contact with the inorganic dentinal debris.

According to Brasseler USA, there is a solution with Triton, which is a patent-pending and all-in-one irrigation solution that is allowing them for the synergistic and simultaneous dissolution of the organic and inorganic debris. According to the company, the Triton is responsible for permitting the clinician for using the lower volumes of the irrigation solution and also make sure the maximum level of efficiency and unlike the traditional irrigants, the Triton works differently by avoiding the use of the CHX and EDTA combined.

By using a lower concentration of the NAOCl along with a patent-pending proprietary blend of the gentle chelating agents and surfactants, Triton has been the first irrigant for delivering all the benefits of NaOCl, CHX and EDTA in an all-in-one and single step solution.

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The components, which does not include non-NaOCl in the Triton has been proactively dissolving the dental debris, that is allowing them for a lower concentration of the NaOCl for being exposed to the organic debris without more buffering.