bp Opens its First Electric Truck Charging Facility in Germany


bp has opened its first ultra-fast-charging facilities in Germany aimed at medium and heavy-duty electric trucks to support the decarbonisation of the sector, where carbon dioxide emissions have increased on average of 2.2 percent annually since 2000.

Operated by Aral brand of bp, the retail site at Schengenheim in the region of Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany now have an 300kw ultra-fast charges intended for electric trucks, which are powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

The Schwegenheim site mainly provides truck drivers with a convenient, safe, and well-operating station where an electric truck capable of charging at 300kw can also increase its remaining range by around 150 km to 200 km during a mandatory 45-minute break for the driver. The driver also has access to additional services like food and drink for their journeys, and also toilets.

Emma Delany, executive vice president, customers & products of bp, said with the transition to electric vehicles underway in Europe, they are now seeing the move towards electric trucks. Truck producers and truck fleet operators have been demanding low-carbon alternative fuels, and electrification is an attractive option.

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She said opening their first truck charging facilities at Schwegenheim has been an important milestone for bp and the industry. She also said Schwegenheim is a perfect example of what the industry needs, and the ultra-fast charging with safer charging bays for trucks, and is close to strategic road networks and a place where the drivers can take a break and refresh with food and drinks.