Boston Imaging to Commercialize Samsung Ultrasound Imaging and Digital Radiography Products in US


The US healthcare subsidiary of Samsung Electronics known as NeuroLogica Corp., announced that, the Ultrasound and Digital Radiography business of the company is going to be operating under a new brand that is going to be called as Boston Imaging.

David Legg, vice president of Ultrasound and Digital Radiography at Boston Imaging said, this has been a momentous day for the company, as it has been responsible for allowing even better focus on the core expertise of the company providing the US market with then best in class and innovative Digital Radiography and the Ultrasound Imaging devices with the healthcare technology at the core.

He also said that, as they have been continuing to gain leadership in the market, and this change is also going to be allowing the Boston Imaging for having a more dedicated focus for the purpose of growing the business.

David Legg said that, the name of the company has been synonymous with the imaging technology, and in the healthcare imaging market, Samsung has been the only true technology company, which has now been in the healthcare imaging and also the competitors come from the roots of the industry as an add-on business.

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The mission of the Boston Imaging team has been improving the patient care by the development of the outstanding and customer-centric imaging solutions fast and also with passion, and they also remain committed to the vision of the company of making the world a more healthy place by empowering the healthcare professionals for diagnosing the patients more quickly, confidently and cost-effectively.