Boris Johnson Resigns as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom


Prime minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson finally resigned and said he was sad to announce the resignation as Conservative Party leader, which is triggering a leadership election for a new Tory leader who will go on to become the new prime minister of the country.

Boris Johnson said he will continue in office until a new Conservative leader has been in place. He also said the process of choosing a new leader should start now, and he have appointed a cabinet to serve, as he will until a new leader is appointed. Boris Johnson said it is clearly the will of the Conservative part that there should possibly be a new leader of that party, and hence a new prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson announced, he would step down as prime minister of the United Kingdom after a line of resignations from the top team in protest at his leadership but will stay on as a prime minister until a new replacement is found.

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He said the timetable for a leadership race of Tory will be announced in the upcoming week, after three years in office defined by Brexit, and the Covid-19 pandemic and continuous controversy over the reputation of Boris Johnson for mendacity.