Boris Johnson: Covid-19 Restrictions to be Lifted on 19th July 2021


On Monday, 12th July 2021, Boris Johnson, prime minister of UK said, the government of United Kingdom is going to continue with the ‘Freedom Day’ in the coming week by easing most of the novel corona virus pandemic restrictions in United Kingdom, but Boris Johnson has also urged caution as the experts of UK has warned that, the politicians had been moving too fast.

Boris Johnson said, the time had been right for moving from the rules that are enforceable to the personal responsibility, along with the using the summer season to prepare for a potentially more devastating wave of the novel corona virus in the winter season in the country.

Boris Johnson also said, after a delay of a month for the purpose of getting the proportion of the people of United Kingdom to be fully vaccinated up to 75 percent and most of the corona virus requirements that are included in the law are going to end on 19th July 2021. The scientists of the United Kingdom have given the warning that, lifting the novel corona virus restrictions including the compulsory social-distancing and wearing of masks and they also said, the other measures like work from home should also be kept active.

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The government of United Kingdom is also expecting the people to wear masks in the public transports and also in the public places, but the business are no longer going to enjoy the legal backing for the purpose of enforcing the novel corona virus requirements.