Boots Partners with Deliveroo to Accelerate Home Delivery in UK


The delivery company ‘Deliveroo’ is going to be delivering all sorts of the nourishment, ranging from ice cream to face cream, across the United Kingdom, and this has been followed by a new partnership with Boots, a retailer of health and beauty products.

The companies in the United Kingdom have been inked to an exclusive partnership, that is going to launch at 14 stores in the United Kingdom and are also seeing over 400 beauty and health products that have been delivered on the demand made by the company ‘Deliveroo’, which is a food delivery website in UK.

Both Boots and Deliveroo have been promising for the delivery of the products of Boots including the baby essentials, beauty products, medicines for minor diseases like cold and fever to the doors of the customers in 20 minutes, and the 14 pilot stores incudes the areas like London Piccadilly, Edinburgh Princes Street and the Nottingham Victoria centre.

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Paula Bobbett, director of Boots said, the company has also shortlisted over 400 products for the launch in the United Kingdom for the purpose of helping their customers to get all the things they need, whenever they need them, and it is also going to be very handy for the people, when they need something very urgent, but they are not able to leave the house.

Paula Bobbett also said, the online business of the company is still continuing to grow and this partnership between both the companies is going to offer their customers many ways to access their product easily and quickly.