Boeing and Airbus Warned Over 5G Interference Over 5G Networks


On Tuesday, 21st December 2021, the aerospace companies including Boeing and Airbus has warned that, the aviation industry of the United States have concerns about the potential interference of the 5G networks with an equipment of the vital flight safety. The intervention has also been responsible for increasing the pressure on the regulators of the United States in a dispute between the mobile operators and the airlines for the introduction of the high speed mobile broadband technology in the United States.

Jeff Knittel, chief executive of Airbus Americas and David Calhoun, head of Boeing have conjointly signed a letter to the transportation secretary of the United States known as Pete Buttigieg, has been detailing the shared concerns of the aviation industry of the United States over the implementation of 5G network in the United States.

The company ‘Boeing’ said that, the aerospace industry had been focusing on completely evaluating and also addressing the potential for 5G interference with the radio altimeters, and the company also said that, they are going to collaborate with the authorities of aviation, and the leaders of the government, along with the industry groups, airlines for ensuring the continued operational safety of the aircraft throughout the airline system across the world.

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The Federal Aviation Administration has also requested for the further information about the instruments, that can possibly use the same frequency bands as the 5G Networks.