BMW Begins Manufacturing of BMW iX in Germany


The automobile giant ‘BMW’ have started the manufacturing of its first electric SUV, which the company has designed to be fully electric, and BMW is having high expectations from it. The company ‘BMW’ is currently wanting half of its vehicles, which come out of the plant based in Dingolfing in Germany to be electrified by 2030, and the first electric vehicles of the company have started rolling off the production line in the plant.

The new BMW iX has not been related to any of the existing models of the company’s line-up, and the car is also having a bold design for proving it, and the company has also invested around 400-million euros for preparing the production facility for BMW iX, along with manufacturing several more electric vehicles in the future.

According to Christoph Schroder, head of BMW plant at Dingolfing said, as the primary production facility for the car, their location is producing the technology flagship of BMW Group, and it has once again successfully prover that, the plant has always been a pioneer for the industry leader in several important areas of the automobile industry including, sustainability, digitalisation and electrification.

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Milan Nedeljkovic, member of board of management of BMW said, the launch of new BMW iX is going to mark another milestone in the expansion of the company in the electrification and it is also demonstrating their successful transformation of the production networks towards the digitalisation and electromobility of the company.

The next fully electric vehicle of BMW to enter production in the Dingolfing plant is the BMW i4, scheduled around the end of the Summer.