BK Modi Group Plans to Invest $1-Billion in Wellness, Real Estate Industry in India


BK Modi Group intends to construct a mixed-use development in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, based on the concept of a private smart city. For this project, the Group already owns a piece of land on which it will build housing, a mall, a hospital, and office space.

According to Modi, this will be their primary objective, as everything a person needs can be found within walking distance. In order to expedite the project’s completion by utilizing the most recent global technologies, the group will also establish manufacturing facilities for AAC blocks and panels, prefabricated steel structures, and glass processing units.

BK Modi has also voiced concern regarding the length of time required to build high-rise buildings. A wellness city with medical office buildings, residences, service apartments, rehab centers, a quaternary care hospital, and senior care facilities is proposed for the New Delhi project.

These investments will result in brownfield developments for preventive care centers in India and around the world in the wellness sector. The former Saket City Hospital in the capital was acquired by Max Healthcare by the BK Modi Group between 2015 and 2016.

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G.P. Singh, Modi Holding’s finance committee chairman, said that in phase one of the projects in Delhi, Mumbai, and Rampur, the group intends to develop approximately 3.5 million square feet of space for a total initial cost of approximately Rs 6,000 crore. These plans will be driven by innovative technologies that have the potential to transform every industry.

Modi, who now has a passport from Singapore, said that he brought the first mobile cellular service and the first photocopier to India because he was passionate about new technologies.