BioExcel Diagnostics, Takara Bio USA, Inc. Partner to Develop Infectious Disease Detection Panel


Takara Bio USA, Inc., a life science reagent and instrument company, partnered with BioExcel Diagnostics to develop and validate a new comprehensive method for detecting syndrome-based infectious diseases.

This method employs real-time PCR automation technology and reagents from Takara Bio for detection of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and antimicrobial resistance genes, which are specific to the contributing pathogen. The data generated will allow the clinicians to quickly and easily determine the best way of treatment for their patients.

BioExcel Diagnostics has developed and validated the new infectious disease panels to detect a rare and unique combination of targets for common diseases. These infection include sexually transmitted diseases, tract infections, wound care, antibiotic resistance, respiratory tract pathogens, and also women’s health. With Takara Bio USA, BioExcel Diagnostics had adapted the panels for use on the SmartChip Real-Time PCR System of Takara Bio.

Integration of the new infectious disease panels with this multiplexed nanoscale qPCR technology will allow BioExcel to offer results from advanced laboratory tests, and high accuracy within 24 to 48 hours.

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Carol Lou, CEO and president of Takara Bio USA, said that qPCR is a powerful tool for data analysis related to a wide range of health issues in humans, including clinical biomarkers, antibiotic resistance, and detection of pathogens.