Bhutan Receives 33,600 Doses of Pediatric Covid-19 Vaccine from US


The government of the United States delivered 33,600 doses of pediatric Covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer to Bhutan. The US embassy in India said the Covid-19 vaccine doses had been supplied as part of commitment of Joe Biden, president of the United States to help countries around the world to deal with Covid-19 pandemic.

US embassy in India said these effective and safe pediatric Covid-19 vaccine doses will be protecting the lives of children in Bhutan and will help to stop the spread of Covid-19 virus across the country.

As a part of commitment of Joe Biden to donate Covid-19 vaccine doses to countries across the world, and the government of the United States has delivered 33,600 doses of the Pfizer pediatric Covid-19 vaccine to Bhutan, in partnership with Covid-19 vaccine and the Bhutan Foundation.

Veena Reddy, mission director of USAID to India and Bhutan, said the United States is committed to a global COVID-19 response because it is making them all strong and safe. Veena Reddy said the USAID is proud to work with the Royal Government of Bhutan and their partner, the Bhutan Foundation, to deliver the pediatric Covid-19 vaccine doses and values their ongoing partnership to recover and defeat from Covid-19 disease.

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