Best Mobile Games for Android in 2022


Apex Legends

Apex Legends Electronics Arts had to make a mobile version of Apex Legends because almost everyone else has brought or is bringing their AAA shooter to mobile. Since this is a complete mobile remake, there is no cross-play with the PC and console versions. On the other hand, because the users can play with friends on iOS, there is still cross-compatibility.

In any case, what’s particularly insane is that the game plays amazingly near the genuine article and feels comparative. However, because this mobile version is its own thing, users can anticipate unique mobile events and characters that are not available in the main game.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Mobile Call of Duty is the obvious choice for today’s roundup because Fortnite is no longer available on the Play Store. Even though PUBG is still doing well, there is no denying that Call of Duty: Portable is the cool youngster in the gathering. A battle royale mode with gameplay that is identical to that of any other battle royale is also included for nostalgic players.

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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon UNITE is one of the few MOBAs that is easy to get started with or if you just want something a little simpler. Although the game is based on Pokemon and intended for children, Pokemon UNITE is still a lot of fun even if you find such things a little childish.

Angry Birds

This time around, Rovio Classics has released the original Angry Birds game, which is a more expensive version. The Unity engine’s complete overhaul has resulted in new graphics that are appropriate for today’s devices and everything you know and love about the original slingshot game is still present. In the eight Angry Birds episodes, there are more than 390 levels to explore, and getting three stars in each one is quite the challenge. Additionally, we have a guide that will assist you in getting started with Angry Birds as quickly as possible.


There is no need to introduce Minecraft. Most people should be familiar with Mojang’s open-world voxel sandbox content. In free play, players can build like Legos or go into survival mode to work all day. The game’s multiplayer content is very important, and even though the store has a lot of different content you can buy, the main gameplay loop stays the same.

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Grid Autosport

Grid Autosport Racing games have a long history of being among the best-looking, and screenshots of the game show off graphics on par with those of consoles. Although that may be an exaggeration, the game’s 100 cars and tracks certainly appear to be of the highest quality. The list of compatible devices for GRID Autosport is less stringent, as long as they have at least Android 9 installed. Yet, in any case players will require a genuinely robust extra room of 4GB.

Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS

Designer Madfinger Games is no more abnormal to high visual devotion. Shadowgun Legends is the latest expansion to the organization’s portfolio and promotes itself as a control center quality first-individual web-based shooter. That assertion is hard to refute because everything in Shadowgun Legends, from the weapons and enemies to the environments, appears to belong on a console.